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Hiab Hire - Abnormal Load - Aviation Transport- Boat Transport

Boat Transport

We can move a vast array of Boats/Yachts of various lengths & widths including canal boats 

& barges 60ft an over with widths exceeding 16 ft wide through out the Uk

Boat Transport

The team extracting a boat from a barn where it has been stored for a few years A little tricky access & 

limited room to lift but not a problem.If you have any requirements for boat transport & li...

At Kyle's Transport we understand that peoples boats & yachts are more than just a items 

of property they are part of peoples personal lives where they can enjoy there pastimes on 

So as with any job we carry out the up most care & planning is given from start to finish

Before we take on the job of moving any boat we gain as much information as possible from the customer or a site survey in most cases so we can carry the job out efficiently & safely

Currently we have a array of lifting beams & spreaders bars for lifting safely

Our trained operatives have worked along side dry docks/canals/quayside/rivers & bays 

so know how to achieve a safe uninterrupted lift

We can even places boats in Gardens or yards for restoration

Its a good idea before contacting us with your query is to have some 

measurements ready eg-Height of boat,width,length

Nature of lift eg-in a dry dock/river/bay/canal/dockside or your yard/garden

Type of keel-Catermeran ,Planing,Bilge,V,Fin,Tri Keel,Flat Bottom,Long Keel,

Weight of vessel- including any items on board eg-fresh water,personal belongings

Access to both locations

-Kyles Transport Services remember we are you first port of call for-

Hiab hire , Boat Transport , Aviation Transport ,Machinery Transport